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We are foremost a gospel-centered church. Our heritage is Congregational and we adhere to the Reformed tradition out of which it grew. We aspire to create and maintain a community characterized by spiritual learning and growth consistent with God’s Word.

What Forestdale Community Church holds dearly

Beliefs, Values & Affiliations

Our Core Values

  • God-centered faith

  • Grace-centered hope

  • Bible-based learning

  • Church as family

Our Central Hope

To be a people, set free by God, to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ:

  • by receiving the gospel, through a growing awareness of God, others and self through all life’s experiences,

  • by believing the gospel through faith born of Christ’s atoning sacrifice and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit,

  • and by living the gospel by reflecting it to a world badly in need of redemption.


The Forestdale Community Church is a member the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and shares its core values:

  • A Culture of Believing Prayer and Intercession

  • Healthy Pastors / Healthy Disciple-making Churches / Healthy Church Multiplication

  • A Community that Lives Out Shared Life & Shared Mission

  • A Culture of Peacemaking and Reconciliation

  • A Membership Reflective of the Harvest Field’s Diversity

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