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Time of Transition: An Important Time for All of Us

By Chris Redford and Gloria Pothier

What a bitter sweet time! As a congregation we are happy for Pastor Paul’s new position as CCCC’s Regional Minister of New England. Nonetheless, we are all grieving this change. He has been here as our pastor as well as a dear friend. This is something that we all treasure!

The deacons (Dana Brown, Scott Govoni, Susan Matos, Gloria Pothier, Bill Redford and Chris Redford) have begun planning with Pastor Paul for the transition period. We are reading and discussing When the Word Leads Your Pastor Search: Biblical Principles and Practices to Guide Your Pastoral Search. We are also reading Transitioning Your Church: How to Bridge a Pastoral Change. The deacons will continue to communicate this process as we go.

At our February 3, 2022 meeting we learned the following:

  • Forestdale is a “Family Culture” church, which means the pastor’s role is defined by his relationships with the congregation, and his core function is relational not administrative.

  • In this “Family Culture” transitional planning needs to take into account how people will feel about decisions that are made.

  • Members must have opportunities to mourn the loss of the previous pastor, and express their grief in the various ways that people respond to loss.

  • Continuity in the church’s current routines is important to the family culture’s wellbeing. Therefore, Susan was asked to do the “Welcome & Greeting to the Service” frequently, so that when the interim pastor begins, the members are already comfortable with seeing Susan leading and seeing the continuity of the worship service.

  • The interim is NOT here to make changes, but to help us process where we have been and where we believe God is calling us to go. The Interim Pastor is also NOT a candidate to become the next Permanent Pastor. He would only be here for a year or so to help the congregation to work through feelings of loss, or unresolved issues, and guide us to a hopeful attitude for the future.

This information will guide us as we venture forward. Please be in prayer for our church and our transition.

If you have any questions, please ask any of the deacons. We are here for you.

Dana Brown

Scott Govoni Scott Govoni

Susan Matos

Gloria Pothier

Bill Redford

Chris Redford


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